Partnering With Your Local Domestic Violence Shelter to Support People and Pets

February 16, 2021

How can shelters grow as community resources through relationships built on trust, support, and sensitivity? Animal shelters are expanding to meet community needs, and partnerships are key to supporting more people and the pets they love.

In this webinar, we take a look at partnerships with domestic violence shelters: how to make the connection, build relationships, and use shelter space to support survivors and their pets in times of challenge and change.

Hear from Devon Krusko from RedRover and Shelbi Waters from Souris Valley Humane Society on the tips and tools local organizations can use to create powerful partnerships.


  • Brush up on the studied link between human and animal violence through the National Link Coalition. Learn more >>
  • Attend a free training session this month through Rescue Rebuild for more guidance on working with your local domestic violence shelter. Sign up >>
  • Apply for Domestic Violence Safe Housing grants through RedRover that can go toward a dedicated space for pets of survivors needing a temporary place to stay. Learn more >>
  • Use this MOU Emergency Housing template from Souris Valley Humane Society to build effective partnerships with local organizations. Download the template >>

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