Sheltering Beyond Shelters: Housing Justice Advocacy and its Role in Animal Welfare

Housing is a necessity that impacts all families in the United States, and believe it or not – it also profoundly affects animal shelters. Watch this webinar on the state of housing and the history of housing justice advocacy efforts in the U.S. (and why animal welfare advocates should care). Lauren Loney, Staff Attorney & Policy Specialist for HASS, shares highlights from the HASS shelter intake reasons database, which details more than 20,000 housing-related intakes across the country. Joining Lauren is Megan Collop (MSW, LCSW), Manager of Client Support Services for Colorado Legal Services, and Ben Martin, Research Director for Texas Housers. Megan is a licensed clinical social worker with a master’s in social work and an Animal Assisted Social Work certificate. Ben’s work has focused on displacement mitigation, cultural planning, and economic development. He also holds a master’s in Community and Regional planning. These impressive panelists discuss why our approach to the pets and housing crisis must go beyond pet inclusivity, be intersectional, and align with broader tenants’ rights and housing justice movements; they also provide resources for how to do it. Vincent Medley, Maddie’s® Director of Human Animal Support Services, moderates.



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