Continuing the Conversation on “The Lives and Deaths of Shelter Animals”: A Q&A with Dr. Katja M. Guenther

January 28, 2021

What can social justice and racial justice movements teach us to help people and animals together? How can we ground ourselves in a future of animal sheltering that believes “the project for justice for animals requires justice for people and vice versa?”

In this webinar, we continue unpacking Dr. Guenther’s latest work, “The Lives and Deaths of Shelter Animals.”

This essential book for anyone working in animal shelters and Human Animal Support Services unpacks Dr. Guether’s vision for the “Humane Communities Revolution.” Guenther links animal sheltering to human ideas about race, class, gender, ability, and species, and explores internal hierarchies, breed discrimination, resistance, and agency.

Watch our first webinar with Dr. Guenther.

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