Top Insights from 2022 on the H in HASS

When people and pets are separated, it often comes down to human issues such as financial struggles, eviction, job loss, or health issues. In the Human Animal Support Services project and at Austin Pets Alive!, we are working to create an animal welfare system that helps solve these root problems and better supports pets and the people who love them. Listen to this webinar recording to learn about the insights we gained about people and pets in 2022. Dr. Ellen Jefferson, President and CEO of Austin Pets Alive!; Vincent Medley, Maddie’s® Director of Human Animal Support Services; Diaz Dixon, Maddie’s® Advisor for External Affairs and Partnerships for the HASS Project; and Alexis Telfair-Garcia, Social Work Program Development Manager at Austin Pets Alive! discuss the intersection of human struggles, human services, and animal services—and how that relates to the animal welfare movement and HASS.


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