A Community-First Movement to Serve People & Pets Equally
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The Human Animal Support Services (HASS) project is a movement seeking to revolutionize the animal welfare industry by leading with and embracing a community-centric sheltering model. By providing both private and municipal community shelters with equitable access to data-driven resources, education and implementation tools, HASS aims to create pathways toward a more unified support system for pets and their people in every community.

Pathways to a Community-Centric Model

The community-centric sheltering method provides communities with social service-oriented and diversified support systems that allow for both people and pets to have multiple options of care that best suit their needs. Whether that support is sourced inside or outside of the shelter doors, this approach empowers animal welfare facilities to be at the heart of their community’s support system rather than the first and only line of defense. 

Pet Support Services

Community services identified or developed by a shelter to assist pets and people in need.

Lost Pet Reunification

Shelter services that prioritize reuniting pets with their families.

Supported Self-Rehoming

Programs that enable the community to participate in the process of finding new homes for their pets without having to enter a shelter.

HASS Intake-to-Placement


Process taking in animals in need and identifying or placing them in the best environment available.

What We Do

In an industry that has traditionally put animals first and people second, HASS believes you can’t serve one without supporting the other.
We pioneer accessible pathways that unite animal shelters with social service providers to achieve a common goal:
Save lives and support our local communities, pets and people alike.

HASS Education and Implementation - Woman petting a dog at Austin Pets Alive!

Education & Implementation

HASS Data and Research - woman petting a cat and sitting at a desk

Data & Research

HASS Policy and Government - man in a suit holding a puppy

Policy & Government

First-of-its-kind offering with free and low-cost support services.

Access food banks, veterinary care, eviction support, and more

Partners Committed to the Movement

The HASS Impact

The HASS Impact

Foundational Guides

HASS Government Communications Guide - Women chatting and holding a puppy at an Austin Pets Alive! policy event

Government Communications

How to professionalize the way animal shelters collaborate with local governments, advocate for a community’s collective needs and garner shelter support.

Philanthropy and Fundraising - Pink haired woman holding a cat at Austin Pets Alive! - Human Animal Support Services

Philanthropy & Fundraising

Best practices to ensure all staff are positioned to effectively promote philanthropy and can articulate a case for support to  fulfill an organization’s fundraising goals.

How to Pilot a Program - Woman at a kennel at Pima Animal Care Center - Human Animal Support Services

How to Pilot a Program

A “back to basics” roadmap detailing how to developing a new animal welfare program or community service initiative.

pets.findhelp.com Guide - woman with a cat around her shoulders at Pima Animal Care Center - Human Animal Support Services


A welfare organization’s path to use this HASS-exclusive platform to promote available services and connect community members with local free or low-cost programs.

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