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Animal Services Reimagined

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Human Animal Support Services (HASS) primary goal is to keep people and pets together. We are bringing animal welfare organizations and community members together to engage in partnerships that support the bond of people and animals.

This is a collaborative effort facilitated by American Pets Alive! and made possible by incredible partners, including Maddie’s® Fund, South Fork Foundation, Rachael Ray Foundation, Michelson Found Animals Foundation, Pedigree Foundation, Petfinder, and Brandywine SPCA.

How You Can Help

Foster a pet for a person in crisis.
Reunite pets with their families in the area they were found.
If you need to rehome your pet, try doing it yourself first!
Start or join a pet mutual aid group.

Building Community Support

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HASS is committed to collaboration between animal welfare professionals, animal services agencies and the communities they serve. Working together, we create and share resources including policies, tools, and training to create meaningful, institutional change, ultimately reducing shelter intake and the number of animals housed in animal shelters.

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HASS helps animals services agencies implement solutions that work to reduce intake and move pets through the shelter system quickly. Using lessons learned from years of piloting innovative programs and policies, HASS advocates for reallocating resources to serve more animals and people outside of the shelter walls. The HASS elements were developed by experts who have demonstrated success at some of the most challenging shelters in the U.S.

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Why Now?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, caring people across the world stepped up to help care for animals in shelters. In one of the most difficult moments of our lifetimes, we have an opportunity to change the way our communities view and interact with the role of animal services. We embrace the countless people who raise their hands to help and say yes to creating a better world for cats, dogs and other companion animals, together. 

An Introduction to Human Animal Support Services

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“A whole new world for companion animal services is within our reach. We can leave the past behind and build a new, better system for serving pets in need.”

– Kristen Hassen​, Maddie’s Director of American Pets Alive!

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