Maddie’s® Advisor for External Affairs and Partnerships

Managing Executive Committee

National Shelter Engagement Director, Michelson Found Animals

Director of Community Services, Cabot Animal Support Services

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Advisory Committee

We’re committing to justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the HASS project. Feedback from our early DEI efforts has inspired a relaunch and revision of our plans. Stay tuned for our forthcoming work in this area.


If you have any questions, please reach out to hass-inquiries@americanpetsalive.org.

HASS International Ambassadors

Communications & PR Manager, Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ)

HASS Working Group Leads

Executive Leadership, Staff, and DEI Advisory Committee: Clare Callison, Diaz Dixon, Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Gina Knepp, Kasey Spain, and Katie Jarl.

Abbie Moore

Pet Supply and Demand​

Ashlee Droscher

Philanthropy – Fundraising

Brian Chase

Government Budgeting, Legal

Brian Daugherty

Philanthropy – Fundraising

Danielle Bays wearing a blue shirt smiling at the camera. She has a cat next to her.

Danielle Bays

Focus on Felines

Heather Lewis in a brown shirt with blonde hair. She has one hand up with her fingertips touching her face.

Heather Lewis

Building and Facility

Joanna Fortin wearing a blue shirt and holding a white cat, smiling at the camera.

Joanna Fortin

Disaster Response

Dr. Julie Levy


Kara Pollard with a dog in front of an airplane. Kara is wearing a black puffer jacket and jeans.

Kara Pollard

Pet Supply and Demand​

Kelly Duer


Kevin Horecka


Lucy Fernandez

Supported Self-Rehoming

Michele Figueroa

Intake to Placement

Sheila Segurson, DVM, DACVB

Behavior Support