5 Kits, Infographics, and Tools to Get More Lost Pets Back Home to Their Families

July 4th has come and gone—and now it’s time to get those lost pets in your kennels back home to their worried families. We’ve rounded up these five kits, infographics, and tools, to help you do just that!

1. HASS x HeARTs Speak Lost Pet Reunification Communications Kit

Human Animal Support Services and HeARTs Speak have joined up to create a series of communications kits to help you talk to your community about the critical ways that you are supporting people and pets—including your pet reunification efforts. The lost pet reunification kit has editable graphics, media pitch templates, FAQs, and more customizable materials as well as sample social media posts and storytelling inspiration.

2. Lost Pet Reunification Toolkit

HASS’s Lost Pet Reunification Toolkit has tons of ideas, resources, and tips you can use today to reduce the number of lost pets who enter the shelter following July 4th, and any time.

3. 6 Cheap—and Even Free!—Ways to Get More Lost Pets Back Home Today

This blog features 6 inexpensive and free tips for getting more lost pets home to their people, and preventing them from getting lost in the first place. They include setting up a volunteer program to match up lost and found pets, waiving reclaim fees, having animal protection officers fix lost fences so dogs don’t get out, and more!

4. Share These Infographics!

HASS created these helpful infographics for you to share with your community and local lost and found pet groups. 

5. Start a Lost and Found Texting Program

Check out this Steal This Idea blog on Greenville County Animal Care’s lost and found pet texting program—a simple, effective, inexpensive program that has essentially *doubled* the number of dogs GCAC is getting back home.


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