Diaz Dixon

System Vice President, CommonSpirit Health Foundation

Diaz is a human service provider turned community patron passionate about targeted messaging and relationship building to enhance business development and self-growth.

From children’s services, to animal welfare, to substance abuse, and University Assistant Athletic Director, Diaz has used his Bachelor’s from Nevada and Master’s degree from the University of Iowa to enhance his skills and help build a better community. While serving 14 years as the C.E.O. of STEP2, Diaz operated as a grant writer, consultant, and community advocate while building a multi-million-dollar campus. STEP2 is nationally known for being one of the most effective treatment programs in the country for families. He served for 4 years on the National Advisory Committee for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 6 years as the Treasurer of Nevada AADAPTS and another 4 years consulting to the Cultural Competency and Diversity Network in Washington, DC under President Bush’s New Freedom Initiative. Diaz is currently the CEO of Eddy House in the plight against youth homelessness in Reno and owns Performance Driven Consulting, adding smartness to business solutions.

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