Pilot Shelter Director Featured on CBS All Access

Mike Wheeler, Director of Cabot Animal Support Services shelter in Cabot, Arkansas is being featured on That Animal Rescue Show, a new docuseries produced by award winning directors Richard Linklater and Bill Guttentag and premiering on CBS All Access. 

That Animal Rescue Show focuses on the unique world of animal rescue in Austin, Texas, where Richard Linklater lives, with one episode specifically dedicated to the people and pets of Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) and our national shelter education division, American Pets Alive! (AmPA!). All 10 episodes in the series are set to release today, Thursday, October 29 exclusively on CBS All Access. APA! is hosting a virtual watch party to commemorate the release, and encourages all of Arkansas to cheer on their local lifesaving hero, Mike Wheeler, by watching episode 6 at 8pm on 10/29.

“People don’t see what I see every day, and That Animal Rescue Show gives them that insight,” said Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director of Austin and American Pets Alive!. “Mike Wheeler has come to Austin many times over the last few years to learn how we save lives and he’s worked so hard to run his shelter with a focus of saving pets in Arkansas. We are glad this awesome shelter is getting featured in this episode as Mike’s story and the work his team does made the Cabot Animal Shelter a place of incredible lifesaving.”

Cabot Animal Support Services is now a pilot shelter of AmPA!’s new model of animal sheltering, Human Animal Support Services. Mike is working to make their shelter a support system to the community in order for pets to stay with their families.

To join in on the virtual watch party, subscribe to CBS All Access to watch the episode, and while watching, tune into the APA! Twitter as APA! live tweets the episode, join in the Facebook event to chat with other viewers, and share a photo to your Instagram story of your watch buddies. Be sure to tag @austinpetsalive and @americanpetsalive and use the hashtag #ThatAnimalRescueShow to be seen.

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