Eliza Torres

Eliza Torres hugging a black dog

Maddie’s® Education and Implementation Manager

Eliza Torres is the Education and Implementation Manager and previously served as the Project Manager for Human Animal Support Services. After a lifetime of animal advocacy, she began her professional journey in animal welfare in 2019 with the Dog Foster Team at Austin Pets Alive!. In this role, she focused on bringing at-risk dogs across the state of Texas to safety and connecting them with foster homes. She was also able to expand her knowledge of medical care and behavioral management for dogs, as well as build partnerships with individuals and shelters across the state of Texas.

In 2021, Eliza joined the American Pets Alive! team and the HASS project, focusing on keeping more people and pets together through community-focused shelter programs. As part of the HASS and American Pets Alive! team, she has organized and collaborated on the creation of educational materials for HASS programs and facilitated connections between individuals and animal welfare organizations internationally. She strives to always lead her work with compassion in order to bring positive change to the world of animal welfare.