Post: Data & Research

| June 28, 2023

HASS data team analysis shows that microchips are effective at getting lost pets back home—and

| June 7, 2023

Intakes have overtaken positive outcomes for shelter pets. With an urgent need to remove barriers

| March 3, 2023

Data, data, data! This webinar goes over key highlights from 2022 sheltering data on lost

| February 23, 2023

Lessons from the HASS 48 Hour Program, and how shelters can help more lost pets

| February 9, 2023

You don't need us telling you 2022 was a rough year. Here's what the newest

| September 28, 2022

A report finds more donors giving more money to animal and environmental causes—though this funding

| December 2, 2021

Listen to our interview with the authors of an important research paper on pet fees

| September 20, 2021

An eye-opening new report shows we could solve pet homelessness and transform animal sheltering, just

| June 17, 2021

Tip 1: Don't Bring Lost Dogs to the Shelter, Keep Them Where They're Found