HASS Partners: Waggle and Maddie’s Fund® Are Giving Away $100k to Cover Veterinary Bills for Owned Pets

This offer is open to all HASS partner organizations. Here’s how to participate.

There’s $100,000 available for all of our partner organizations to help owned pets get medical care and make sure a veterinary bill doesn’t break up a family.

Waggle, a nonprofit crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping organizations and individuals raise money for pets’ veterinary costs, has earmarked $50,000, and Maddie’s Fund® is contributing another $50,000 to provide $500 matching grants for each campaign posted by a HASS partner on Waggle.org.

This money will be used to match donations raised on the Waggle platform for owned pets in your community.

Here’s how it works:

1. Register with Waggle as an animal welfare partner.

2. Start a fundraising campaign for a pet in your community. Each campaign can raise up to $2,000.

3. Fill out the Waggle-HASS application.

4. Promote the campaign on social media and elsewhere using the hashtag #waggleforpets. Waggle’s resource library has tips on how best to get the word out.

You may also be eligible for additional product donations, such as pet food, toys, blankets, and preventatives. In addition, if chosen by one of Waggle’s celebrity or influencer partners, or partner organizations, your campaign may receive greater promotional support.

With more and more American families financially strapped through these challenging economic times, support like this for veterinary care can make the difference between a loved pet being given up to a shelter or at home napping on the couch. 

Waggle’s goal is to be the lifeline families need in order to prevent what veterinarians refer to as “economic euthanasia”—a far-too-common, tragic outcome when a pet owner who is unable to afford veterinary care feels their only options are giving up a pet to a shelter or euthanasia. Waggle is a safety net, keeping families together and ensuring that the life of a companion animal is not cut short. 

You can check out successful examples of Waggle campaigns here for inspiration. (Grab some tissues!)

“American Pets Alive! is committed to making life better for pets and their families,” says Dr. Ellen Jefferson, president and CEO of Austin Pets Alive!, American Pets Alive!, and the HASS project. “Organizations like Waggle can help in this by working in concert with shelters to provide veterinary care to pets in need.”

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