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Matt Pepper
Matt Pepper


Michigan Humane has begun a voluntary donation (cash) process for the hundreds of families who come to our pet pantry each week. Many have asked about supporting the pantry so we have just begun this approach to help build a more sustainable model to allow us to purchase food when needed. We should distribute our 1 millionth pound of food since Jan 1 within the next week.

We have moved from appointment only to open adoption lobbies to allow for easier access to available animals. Our Pets For Life team is actively providing 2-1-1 resources to families who have pets under our care. We are close to establishing a compassion foster program for patients going into the University of Michigan Hospital. Their research dept. is working with us on this project.

Michigan Humane is doing amazing work focused upon research and on-the-ground services. They have mapped every single property in their two biggest targeted zip code (3000 homes) whether the property is occupied, and whether a pet owner lives there. If a pet owner lives there, MIHS goes door to door every month making contact, delivering wellness support, pet supplies, and human food/supplies. They make 200 house calls per month just in these two zip codes.

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