Supported Self-Rehoming Assessment

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SUPPORTED SELF-REHOMING: Programs that enable individuals to participate in finding new homes for pets without having to enter the shelter system. This section highlights pet rehoming resources and technology solutions, program implementation recommendations, and communications best practices.

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How does the organization share self-rehoming resources?
How does the organization support self-rehoming pet marketing?
Does the organization share technology solutions for self-rehoming?
How does the organization support self-rehoming meet and greets?
Does the organization provide free or low-cost medical care to pets being rehomed?
What post-adoption support is provided for rehomed pets?
How frequently are supported self-rehoming topics marketed?
Are supported self-rehoming resources available in multiple languages?
Who at the organization is responsible for supported self-rehoming tasks?
Who at the organization receives training for supported self-rehoming?
What supported self-rehoming data does the organization track?