Working Groups
We operate with a limited budget, and a small staff. Our success lies in collaboration and the commitment from more than 500 collective members, and 200 organizations working to create change.

HASS Working Group Overview

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Executive Committee

The Human Animal Support Services Executive Committee (EC) is composed of  dedicated professionals whose expertise span a wide range of relevant subject areas including government and government-contracted animal sheltering, non-profit animal welfare leadership, human social services, public health, animal control, returning lost pets home, and diversity, equity and inclusion in animal services. Together, the Executive Committee oversees the project and collectively makes strategic, organizational decisions.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee

The DEI Advisory committee promotes, supports, and advocates for the HASS values around diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of the project. The committee provides assessment and guidance on HASS program development, communication, and implementation through a DEI lens.

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Working Groups

33 HASS working groups, each led by industry experts, are the heart and soul of HASS. Each working group focuses on a different element, problem, or industry need, aiming to solve the toughest challenges that stand in the way of transformative change in animal welfare. Members include AmPA! team members, animal service leaders, national animal welfare organizations, local community stakeholders, and experts in human support service and other relevant fields.

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